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3 Reasons Inpatient Therapy Helps Joint Replacement Recovery

3 Ways to Speed Up Knee Surgery Recovery Time

3 Reasons Why Bundled Payments Just Make Sense for Your Practice

Getting a Hip Replacement? 3 Things to Know Before Your Procedure

The Bundled Payment Iniatitive for Joint Replacement Surgeries

3 Things Your Practice Should Know About Bundled Payments

Just Had Surgery? 4 Reasons Short Term Rehab Really Matters

3 Things to Know Before You Go in For Joint Replacement Surgery

3 Ways Short Term Rehab Speeds Recovery After Joint Replacement

Occupational Therapy Focus: Everyday Life Skills

Headed to Rehab After Surgery? Here's What You Need to Know

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5 Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Vascular Dementia

How Rehab Could Get You Back in the Driver's Seat After a Car Accident

The Battle of Benefits: Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Therapy

5 Issues That Can Impact Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery

4 Ways Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Benefits Your Patients

Absent-Minded? 9 Ways to Exercise Your Brain for Improved Memory Function

5 Tips for Caring for a Loved One After Joint Replacement Surgery

4 Strategies to Survive Social Gatherings After Joint Replacement

3 Significant Benchmarks of Speech Therapy Success After a Brain Injury

4 Valuable Benefits of Speech Therapy After Intubation

Long Term Care Insurance: The Benefits of Being Covered

Chris Schmidt Elected to ANHA Executive Board

Inpatient Rehab: Establishing Personal Space in a Semi-Private Room

Caregiver Depression: What It Is and How to Reduce It

Living With Disabilities: Tips For Safer, Easier Kitchen Navigation

10 Everyday Tips For Managing Memory Decline

Scammers Who Prey on Ill Seniors: How to Avoid Being a Victim

Arthritis: A Common Cause of Joint Replacement Surgery

Diabetes and Your Kidneys: It's a Love-Hate Relationship

Finding the Sweet Spot: Diabetes Wound Care Management

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You Just Had Knee Replacement Surgery... Now What?

3 Important Ways to Best Care for Your Surgical Wounds

You Need to Know More About Pneumonia

Here, There, or at Home: What to Expect after a Hip Replacement

What You Need to Know About Sepsis Wound Care

Cellulitis Wound Care: It's Not for the Faint of Heart

Patient to Staff Ratio Matters for Short Term Rehab Care

Arthritis: A Common Reason for Joint Replacement Surgery

Transitional Care: From the Hospital to Short Term Inpatient Rehab

What is a Case Manager and Who Benefits from Engaging Them?

7 Things Every Aging Person Should Understand About Health Benefits

An Overview of Joint Replacement Surgery

What is a Care Planning Meeting and Who Sets It Up?

Improving Recovery after Joint Replacement Surgery for Arthritis

What Can Be Done to Prevent or Minimize Osteoporosis?

What Are Respite Services for Caregivers?

3 Considerations for Short Term Post Operative Rehab

What Conditions Commonly Lead to Knee Replacement Surgery?

What is the Impact of Osteoporosis on the Body?

3 Conditions That Lead to Joint Replacement Surgery

Things to Consider About Short Term Rehabilitation

What is the Long Term Impact of Osteoporosis?

Educating Yourself Can Help You Manage the Impact of Arthritic Joints

Common Misconceptions About Short Term Rehab After Surgery

Short Term Rehab Options for Knee & Hip Replacement Patients

How to Pick the Right Follow-Up Care After Knee Replacement Surgery

Short Term Rehab's Impact on Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

Physical Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers Facing Joint Replacement

Short Term Rehab Defined for the Joint Replacement Patient

The Best Kind of Orthopedic Rehab for Joint Replacement Patients

Caregiver Depression: What It Is and How You Can Reduce It

Semi-Private Rooms: How A Great Rehab Roommate Can Help Your Recovery

What You Can Expect from Rehab After Hip Fracture

Improving Osteoporosis: How Lifestyle Changes and Exercise Can Help

Inpatient Rehab: Better Recovery Results Than Outpatient Therapy?

Headed For Rehab After Surgery? Here's What You Need To Know

Caring for a Loved One After Joint Replacement Surgery

New Caregiver? Follow These Tips to Get a Good Start

Inpatient Rehab: How To Manage Your Privacy In A Semi-Private Room

Rheumatoid Arthritis? How You Can Stop It From Slowing You Down

The Role of Physical Therapy in Recovery from Joint Replacement Surgery

Health Benefits and Joint Replacement Surgery: Get the Facts

10 Startling Statistics on Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthritis: Tips On Controlling Your Symptoms

How To Prepare for Joint Replacement Surgery

5 Mistakes Patients Make Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Memory Doesn't Have To Be A Casualty Of Aging: Tips To Keep Yours Sharp

10 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Bathrooms Top The List For Fall Hazards: How To Make Them Safer

Managing Late-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease: About Kidney Transplant

Pre-Diabetes? How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Diabetes Diagnosis

Kidney Disease: Do You Know Your Risk Factors?

Tech Savvy Seniors: How To Spot Internet Scams

Tips For Protecting And Improving Bone Health

How To Optimize Your Lifestyle For Better Memory

Millions Have Diabetes And Don't Know It: Are You At Risk?

Kidney Disease Is Common: What You Need To Know About Early Detection

Do You Need MediGap Insurance? What It Is And Who Can Benefit

Why Know The Signs of Alzheimer's Disease? Because Early Treatment Matters

Joint Replacement? Why Inpatient Rehab May Be Your Best Recovery Bet

Osteoporosis: What You Need To Know About Prevention And Treatment

Fraudsters See Seniors As Prime Targets: Recognizing Scam Signs

Fall Prevention: Simple Home Safety Tips For Seniors

10 Dietary Choices That Can Improve Memory

Tips for Avoiding Scams Against Seniors

Three Effective Kidney Disease Management Strategies

Diabetes Management: How to Deal With High Sugar

Keeping Your Body Strong: Tips for Aging Bone Health

Modern Recovery Methods: Post Surgical Rehabilitation Therapy Explained

Understanding Health Benefits: An Overview of Government Healthcare

Exploring Alzheimer's Impact on Memory Loss

How Patients Can Make the Most of Semi-Private Rooms

Going Mobile: The Best Apps for Rehabilitation Therapy

Semi-Private Rooms: Tips for the Move-in Process

Medicare Coverage for Rehabilitation Services 101

The Benefits of Semi-Private Rooms

Fall Prevention in Bathrooms

Rehab Fitness Programs: Dispelling the Myths

Determining What Medicare Plans are Right for You

Diabetes and Diabetes Management: Dispelling the Myths

Developing a Meal Plan for Kidney Disease Management

Recognizing Telemarketing Scams that Target Senior Citizens

The Basics of Tracheostomy Surgery

Preventing Falls: Creating a Safer Environment in Your Home

Common Types of Kidney Disease and How to Manage Them

How Physical Therapy Can Help Diabetes Management

Exercise for Seniors: How to Get Started

Talladega Rehab Select Earns Lowest Hospitalization Rate in Q1 2014

Learn Long-Term Diabetes Management Skills at a Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled Nursing Facilities: An Underused Resource in Cardiac Rehab

Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide the Resources for Post Surgical Rehab

These Scams Against the Elderly Can Be Devastating

Understanding Health Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Have You Had a Fall? Recover With Rehabilitation and Prevention

Scams against Seniors Qualify As Elder Abuse

Seniors: Eat Well, Eat Healthy, Live Right!

Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide Post Acute Kidney Disease Care

The Role of Skilled Nursing Facilities in Diabetes Management

Preventing Falls As You Age

The Value of Cardiac Rehab in a Short Term Care Facility

What You Should Know about Tracheostomy Care

Improving Muscle Function with Rehab Therapy

5 Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Improve Heart Failure Symptoms with Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Mental Well-Being

Changing Your Own Dressings: Tips for At-Home Wound Care

Aggressive Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

5 Beneficial Rehab Therapies

You Can Come Back: Rehabilitation After Your Accident