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Rehabilitation Success Stories from Patients Injured at Work

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Mar 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Worker’s Comp Rehabilitation Success Stories

When someone is injured at work, it can disrupt their whole life. While the physical injury can take a toll, it can also impact someone both mentally and emotionally.

For patients who were injured on the job, they're typically required to attend therapy in order to return to a normal way of life as well as work, if possible. Rehab Select offers a physiatrist-led program with aggressive wound care therapy, that ultimately helps patients heal and return to work as soon as possible.

Known for never giving up on a patient, many have left Rehab Select’s therapy program with better than expected results. In addition to the support our therapy team offers, there are many unique aspects of our therapy that allows for the success stories like the ones below. Take a look at a few of those aspects and testimonials.

Creating a Schedule That Fits Patient’s Needs

While some programs may require patients to adhere to their staff’s schedule, Rehab Select has found that working with the patient’s needs helps them recover better than they could if they were required to stick with the staff's schedule. For one patient, a family member shared that because of this flexibility at Rehab Select, their healing process was even better.

“Rehab Select made a schedule to fit his needs rather than having him conform to their schedule. This flexibility allowed for a better physical therapy environment that ultimately helped him to accomplish his goals and decreased behavior outbursts.” Family member of TBI patient

Wound Care Specialists

Since many patients come to Rehab Select in need of wound care, we specialize in helping patients to prevent infections, make a full recovery, and avoid amputation. Read more about how a wound care specialist can help. With the help of our staff, this patient was able to better care for his wounds. 

“The patient entered Rehab Select non-compliant with major wounds, had infections and was also losing muscle. Due to an outstanding physician-led wound care team, he was able to become compliant.” – Adjuster to Non-Compliant Wound Care Patient

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Spinal Injury Rehab

Work injuries can sometimes be more severe and life changing. In this case, a patient was affected both physically and mentally. However, due to the care she received with Rehab Select, she was able to utilize upper body strength to live life as normally as she was able and work through her depression.

“This patient came to Rehab Select with a spinal cord injury, ended up being an incomplete quadriplegic, and was depressed. The team helped to strengthen her upper body along with acquired braces. Before she was discharged she was able to stand unassisted. They also treated her depression; the patient is now cooking every day in her home and living life as normally as possible.”  – Nurse Case Manager

Healing Bones and Overcoming Depression

Some injuries can be more difficult than others, particularly when it comes to broken bones. It can take more time and be challenging for patients to remain hopeful throughout rehab and the recovery process. Beyond physical healing, this patient was glad that their therapist was so supportive and never gave up on them.

“When I came to Rehab Select, my leg was broken in several places after a motor vehicle accident. My therapist never gave up on me and worked through the pain and depression to get me to the point of walking again.” Patient

Helping Patients Heal Quickly

Healing from a severe injury is not coincidental; it comes from a dedicated therapy team working with the patient to achieve optimal healing as quickly as possible. With an aggressive therapy program, this patient was able to return home faster than planned.

“Crushed from the waist down, this patient was a tremendous rehabilitation. With aggressive therapy, he was able to go home in half the time that they’d originally planned.” Nurse Case Manager

Treating Major Wounds and Improving Overall Health

While some patients come in for one injury or issue, often there may be additional health problems that can impact healing. In this situation, the patient not only healed a large wound during rehab, he quit smoking and gained needed muscle. By the time he went home he was healthy and able to transfer himself from a bed to a chair and vice versa. 

“The patient had major wounds and was a paraplegic from a motor vehicle accident. He came in to the facility malnourished and weak. The Rehab Select team healed his large wound, helped him to quit smoking, and he gained 25 pounds of muscle. When he left, he was healthy and able to transfer himself from the bed to a chair.” –  Nurse Case Manager

Are You or a Loved One in Need of Physical Therapy?

If you’re currently looking for a therapy program for workers compensation or know someone in need of therapy to heal from a work injury, reach out to Rehab Select to learn more about our program.


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