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Why Cardiac Therapy is the Key to Heart Rehab

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Jan 18, 2024 11:05:00 AM

Why Cardiac Therapy is the Key to Heart Rehab

Your heart is one of the most important muscles in your body. A properly functioning heart is the basis for living a healthy life. Unfortunately, heart disease — a condition where blood vessels leading to the heart get clogged with plaque, fat, and calcium — can wreak havoc on a person’s cardiac system and, thus, the entire body. 

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. In 2021, it killed 695,000 people in the U.S. alone, accounting for one of every five deaths.  

While heart disease doesn’t have a clear and concrete cure, it can be treated in several ways. One of the most effective methods is cardiac therapy. And this treatment — a comprehensive form of rehabilitation that helps reverse heart disease through multiple holistic approaches —can improve your health status significantly.  

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Why Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy Works

Heart disease can develop for a number of different reasons, including obesity, poor diet, tobacco use, and genetic predispositions. 

Cardiac therapy is a great option for helping people cope with heart disease, as this treatment usually includes three core elements: 

  • A specific diet plan :

    Designed by a skilled nutritionist who understands what nutrition standards are best for minimizing the effects of heart disease. This includes recommending foods with antioxidant properties and those that are rich in nutrients the heart needs to stay healthy and clear from blocks.  
  • An exercise program

    That helps strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system. For patients who have a serious heart condition that impedes their ability to be physically active, doctors may recommend a light fitness program that works out the heart without causing excess stress. 
  • Respiratory support

    Administered through devices including ventilators, CPAP devices, and other equipment that helps the body breathe more easily. 
  • Lifestyle modification support

    is another aspect of cardiac rehabilitation therapy. Although related to nutrition counseling, it also includes helping patients quit smoking, learn stress management techniques, and address underlying emotional stressors. 

Culminating in a comprehensive cardiac therapy care plan, these treatments can help people of any age recover from multiple types of heart disease. 

Choosing the Right Treatment Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy 

Cardiac rehabilitation programs can take place in various healthcare facilities, but most of the more intensive rehab regimens occur at residential-style facilities. These centers have nurses, doctors, and other providers who can offer regular supervision and use a more detailed understanding of how their patients respond to cardiac therapy to drive care-plan decision-making. Sometimes, cardiac therapy can be provided at rehabilitation facilities that also offer support for those recovering from a physical injury. 

If you or any of your loved ones are considering a facility to receive treatment for heart disease, it’s important that you consider your options carefully. Think about the places that are available and try to choose one that makes sense based on your needs and your current condition. Although heart disease is a dangerous condition, if you choose the right care provider and you truly commit yourself to the therapy program it is possible to ward off the symptoms of heart disease to live a relatively normal life. And if you’re in Alabama and wondering, “Where is there cardiac therapy near me?”, look no further than Rehab Select. 

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