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5 Things You Should Know About Alzheimer's Care Facilities

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Dec 11, 2018 8:30:00 AM

alzheimers care facilitiesWhen your family is impacted by Alzheimer’s, you may feel tremendous responsibility to care for your loved one and feel as though a nursing home is the last resort. However, modern improvements in technology and standards of care make Alzheimer’s care centers one of the most respected resources available to you and your family. 

Once you’ve determined a residential facility is in your loved one’s best interest, these details will help you rest assured that an Alzheimer’s care facility is the right choice.

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1. A nursing home isn’t “taking the easy way out.”

Watching your loved one experience Alzheimer’s and making decisions for them is never easy. You may feel a sense of obligation to take care of your loved one and wrestle with guilt over setting up alternate care. No part of the process is easy.

However, at a certain point, a nursing facility may be one of the best choices you can make for all involved. A good residential program like those at Rehab Select gives your loved one the exceptional treatment they deserve in a comfortable home-like environment. Though the decision to leave your family member at a facility may not be an easy one, it can still be a favorable one.

2. Residents don’t have to sacrifice their independence

Many facilities offer varying levels of care, depending on how much the disease has progressed for your family member. You have options such as assisted living programs to help those in the early stages of the disease or Alzheimer’s special care units that offer round-the-clock supervision.

The staff assists with any tasks your loved one can no longer do alone whether that’s as simple as driving or as involved as helping them with all daily functions. Either way, every comfort and necessity is available to them.

3. A care facility places high priority on safety

From ovens to exit doors, there are many safety hazards present for an Alzheimer’s patient to get hurt at home. Oftentimes, caretakers can’t be available to intercept every unsafe circumstance.

Alzheimer’s care facilities, on the other hand, may be the safest choice for someone with safety concerns. They’re designed with an Alzheimer’s patient in mind. For example, Rehab Select offers Wanderguard® monitoring for men and women who may be prone to ambling away. These safety measures relieve some the burden of safekeeping from the caretakers so they don’t have quite as much to worry about

4. Healthcare is available around the clock

Long-term Alzheimer’s care centers like Rehab Select have the most qualified staff on-hand to take care of your loved one’s medical needs. If they have trouble in the middle of the night or need wound dressings changed, a qualified staff member with specialized Alzheimer’s training is always available to assist. If your loved one has a medical emergency, they’re in the best place to get help.

Many families are relieved knowing that they don’t have to handle emergencies or other medical concerns, especially if they aren’t equipped to handle those situations alone. They also don’t have to compromise sleep or suffer many of the mental or physical burdens of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

5. You won’t miss quality family time together

In a human-centered care facility like Rehab Select, the staff wants you to have as much time with your loved one as possible. They schedule seasonal events and make special arrangements for patients to encourage a healthy family and social life.

You may feel like you have to sacrifice time with your loved when you move them from a home to an Alzheimer’s facility. However, with the nursing facility in charge of your loved one’s care, your time together can be free of the pressures of full-time care-taking so you can fully enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re in the process of choosing a care setting for your family member, it’s important to tour the Alzheimer’s care facilities and ask as many questions as you need to. Feel free to schedule a tour at any of Rehab Select’s facilities by filling out this form, calling the number listed, or emailing.

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