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What is Short Term Rehab? 3 Goals of Recovery

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Mar 21, 2018 7:00:00 AM

short term rehabIf your medical team has recommended short term rehab for you, chances are that you have questions about this type of care, especially if this will be your first experience with rehab. Perhaps the most common question people have is what they can expect a rehab program to to do for them. To help you answer this question, we’ll go over 3 goals of short term rehab.

1. To Help You Restore Your Personal Best Level of Functional Ability

Restoring function and independence lost to injury, illness, surgery, stroke or other medical events is one of the chief goals of short term rehab. To achieve this goal, you will work with a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals to first identify your individual therapy and treatment needs, then address those needs via a personalized treatment plan. That treatment plan will be intensive. You can expect to spend a minimum of three hours a day with therapists – physical, occupational and/or speech therapists, according to your individual needs – along with medical care and monitoring, pain and medication management, and nursing and personal care. This comprehensive treatment, therapy and care works to help ensure steady progress toward your recovery and rehabilitation goals.

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2. To Speed Your Recovery

Another primary goal of short term rehab is to help patients achieve their personal best levels of recovery and rehabilitation as quickly as is medically safe and possible. While the time it takes varies from one patient to another, your rehabilitation team will be working to help you get back on your feet and back to your life in the shortest possible time – another goal that is well-served by the intensive, comprehensive and highly personalized treatment plans used in short term rehab programs.

3. To Help You Recover Safely and Comfortably

With around the clock nursing and medical care, as well as plenty of daily access to therapists and other staff, short term rehab offers a safe and comfortable environment for your recovery and rehabilitation. You will have the support and supervision you need to help ensure against injury as you complete prescribed exercises and activities, as well as access to safe, high-quality equipment and facilities. Physicians and nursing staff will assist you with your medical needs, reducing risk of medical problems or complications. You will receive any assistance you need in terms of personal care tasks, and healthy meals and snacks will be provided. These and other services are all about ensuring your safety and comfort during your stay, leaving you free to focus your time and energy exclusively on your recovery.

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