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A Safe and Comfortable Recovery with Rehab Select

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Feb 16, 2018 7:00:00 AM

We recently shared a kind response we received from one of our patients at our Hillview facility. It’s always great to hear from patients who have enjoyed their stay and not only recovered in a safe and comfortable environment, but also know that they can trust our staff for all of their needs throughout the recovery process.

Take a look at another note we recently received from a patient who enjoyed the care they received from our staff in addition to the facility where they recovered.

To Rehab Unit:

I am writing this because of the way I was treated in the rehab unit.

To be short, I was treated by these people with kindness, respect, knowledge, and just all around decently, and am most happy to compliment these lovely people.

It is so comfortable to be in a place like this, and I am most happy to represent them any way I can.

[Name Removed for Privacy]

Thanks so much!

Rehab Select Thank You Note

Throughout each of our facilities, we hope that you or a family member will sense that we truly care about the recovery and well-being of each individual. We employ staff members who are not only skilled and knowledgeable in helping patients recover the way they should, but also compassionate about patients. We hope to provide the best care for everyone that stays at any of our facilities. 

Learn more about short term rehabilitation or any of our facilities here.

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