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Rehab Fitness Programs: Dispelling the Myths

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Sep 30, 2014 8:30:00 AM

rehab_fitness_programs_dispelling_the_mythsRehab fitness programs are extremely valuable for rehab patients who need to improve their health by making their bodies stronger. Unfortunately, many myths have spread that give patients and their families the wrong ideas about rehabilitation therapy.

Here are a few of these myths and the reality behind the situations that they address:

Programs Are Extremely Limited In Intensity

While it is true that a fitness program for a rehab patient may not involve the same kind of weight and rapid motion that a normal person would incorporate into their exercise, rehab fitness regimens are often very intense and involve some of the exact same motions and exercises that people incorporate into their normal fitness routines. You may be surprised at just how taxing these fitness programs are.

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Programs Only Work Certain Body Parts

You may have a rehab program that specializes in a particular area of the body, but in many cases rehab programs are made to work out the entire body so that your body has a balanced amount of strength. Working on one single part of the body exclusively during a rehab program can lead to imbalances in strength and fitness levels for patients.

Programs Must Be Administered By Specialists

In some cases, trained therapists will provide continuous direction for people who are planning a fitness program for rehabilitation. However, therapy specialists might simply provide an outline or blueprint and then allow patients and their families to execute the programs themselves. This is why it is so important to have assistance from a skilled therapist: you need to know exactly what kind of exercises to do and how to do them effectively if you are going to be exercising on your own.

Programs Require Specialized Equipment

This is sometimes the case for rehab fitness, but not always. In some cases, therapists may prescribe normal exercises for their patients that can be done with a standard set of weights. Bodyweight exercises are sometimes included, depending on what kind of ailments the patient is trying to overcome.

If you are looking for some clarity when it comes to rehab fitness regimens, your best bet is to get in touch with a professional. These therapists understand the challenges involved in rehab fitness and will be able to answer any questions that may have to help you find the truth about rehab fitness.

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