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Workers Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation: Achieving Optimal Outcomes

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Sep 6, 2017 7:00:00 AM

physical therapyWorkplace injuries create frustrating issues for all involved. For the injured worker, there is the pain and trauma involved in being injured on the job, as well as the financial uncertainty that arises when temporary or permanent disability results from those injuries.

For employers, there are compensation claims and return to work planning to manage, which must be done as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. Workman's compensation rehab can work to address many of these issues by helping workers regain lost productivity and return to work as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible.

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About Workman's Compensation Rehab

Workman's compensation rehab is designed to provide the intensive therapy and care an injured worker needs to make his or her best and fastest recovery. Top-quality rehabilitation programs are highly personalized, with treatment plans formulated and according to detailed evaluations of the specific needs of each patient, then reevaluated for effectiveness and efficiency throughout the treatment period. These treatment plans may, depending upon individual needs, include physical therapy and re-conditioning, occupational therapy, wound care, pain management, and much more. Evaluation is done and treatment delivered by a physician-led team of rehabilitation specialists who work collaboratively to promote optimal recovery and rehabilitation of each injured worker via safe, effective, tightly-coordinated and cost-efficient therapy and care.

How Workman's Compensation Rehab Promotes Optimal Injury Outcomes

The comprehensive planning and treatment provided in a good workers comp rehabilitation program, performed by a coordinated team of rehabilitative professionals, ensures that all treatments and therapies serve a common goal: Getting injured employees back on their feet and back to productive work and home lives as quickly as can be safely done. This benefits injured employees in terms of restoring quality of life and financial security – which certainly qualifies as optimal injury results from their perspective.

Treatment in a solid workman's compensation rehab program is also delivered with cost-efficiency in mind, with the rehabilitative team focused on providing value to all parties involved in each workers' comp injury. This works to promote a quick, efficient return to work process, reduced workers' comp spending and expedient resolution of workers' comp claims – factors that certainly contribute to optimal injury outcomes for employers, insurance carriers and other stakeholders in the injury management process.

The bottom line is that workman's compensation rehab can yield benefits for everyone in the aftermath of workplace injury. By working to provide solid, cost-efficient therapy and care to injured employees, it works to promote optimal outcomes for the lives and livelihoods of those workers and those that employ them.

A Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation for Employers and Employees

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