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Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide the Resources for Post Surgical Rehab

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Jul 16, 2014 8:30:00 AM

skilled_nursing_facilities_can_provide_the_resourcesHaving surgery? Not sure where you should go for your post surgical rehabilitation? Fortunately, you have a choice. Skilled nursing facilities are a valid option for inpatient rehabilitation after your surgery. Why?

They have the resources you need

Today's skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are dynamic community-based institutions that provide facilities for recovery, rehabilitation, and long-term care as needed to the residents of the area. Top-notch medical staff and professionals serve patients in the community as they recover from surgery or other medical situations.

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They utilize a cohesive, holistic approach to recovery – with your full participation and input

As you progress with your rehabilitation, you'll be supported by a complete team of professionals, led by your physician. Physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, pharmacy if necessary, and psychological support are all available to you. You are not being "treated by" your cadre of professionals, either. Instead, you are an integral part of that team and fully participating in your own recovery.

Rather than utilizing each of these services separately, you and your team work together to produce a cohesive program of recovery and rehabilitation that includes all elements. This program's focused approach allows you to recover and rehabilitate faster, so that you can return home sooner.

They ensure your safety

Surgery can leave you temporarily unable to care for yourself. Participating in an inpatient rehabilitation program allows you to recover faster, to be sure – but it also helps you avoid re-injury. In a SNF, you are appropriately supervised and assisted with physical tasks like walking as needed so that you won't fall or do too much too soon, risking re-injury. Once you can fully take care of yourself, you'll no longer need this type of supervision and can return to completely independent living.

They can help you re-learn skills

Sometimes, having surgery means that you will temporarily lose the ability to do certain things for yourself. After surgery, part of your post surgical rehabilitation may include re-learning tasks so that you can be completely independent again. A SNF provides you with a team of experts who know just what to do to help you relearn those tasks effectively and efficiently – and again, can get you back to your life more quickly than otherwise might be possible.

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They encourage your family's participation, too

Chances are you're not the only one affected by your surgery. Your family may be, too, and they'll need to be involved in your recovery. Fortunately, a skilled nursing facility's inclusive approach means that your family gets in on the action. As needed, they will be taught how to assist you as you recover from surgery; they'll learn the necessary skills to help you take care of yourself once home before you're actually discharged so that there are no questions or concerns that are not addressed once you do go home. When you are discharged from the facility, you can go home knowing that both you and your family have the skills needed to continue your recovery at home.

You can continue rehabilitation as an outpatient, in most cases

Most skilled nursing facilities also offer outpatient services for patients who have transitioned home but aren't yet quite recovered. Because skilled nursing facilities are community-based, you can take advantage of them close to home without having to make special arrangements or travel extensively to go elsewhere.

If you need post surgical rehabilitation, look no further than your community-based skilled nursing facility. This cost-effective choice for rehabilitative services is close to home and offers a multifaceted approach to your recovery that will put you on the path to wellness, fast.

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