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How Can Short Term Rehab Aid Accident Recovery?

Posted by Bobby Stephenson

Mar 14, 2018 7:30:00 AM

accident recovery short term rehabAn accident that causes significant, debilitating injuries can really throw your life into a sudden, unexpected sort of chaos. If this has happened to you, chances are that short term rehab is a recovery option that has been suggested by your medical team to help you regain function and independence lost to your injuries. So just how can short term rehab aid accident recovery? Here we’ll outline important ways a stay in a good short term rehab program can help.

Short Term Rehab Can Speed Accident Recovery

Short term rehabilitation centers offer a level of care that you won’t find in the average outpatient rehab program. Therapy and care is delivered to patients by a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitative professionals, who work together, with the patient in the driver’s seat, to provide a range of services to promote optimal recovery results. 

These services typically include, according to the individual needs of patients, medical and nursing care, pain management, physical, occupational and speech therapy, nutritional services and emotional, psychological, behavioral and/or neurological support, among many other services.

Treatment and therapy are very intensive – with an minimum of three hours of therapy provided daily – highly personalized, and specifically targeted towards ensuring that patients make their very best possible recovery in the shortest possible time. This approach typically leads to faster recoveries after accidents than is possible with the less intensive approach common to outpatient rehab programs.

Leads to Improved Accident Recovery Outcomes

The intensive, tightly coordinated and highly personalized approach to rehabilitative therapy and care you’ll find in a good short term rehab program can also offer better recoveries. Patients often make greater gains in terms of strength, function and flexibility in these programs than they might in less intensive settings, and in many cases, achieve better results in reducing pain. For patients, this means a greater level of independence and a better quality of life during and after accident recovery.

Provides 24 Hour Care and Support

Recovery and rehabilitation after an accident is hard work, and it is often a painful and frustrating process. A stay in a short term rehab center during those first, most difficult days of accident recovery can provide the help, support and encouragement you need to stay motivated as you work towards your recovery goals.

Services such as, medication management, pain management, wound care, and personal care will be available 24/7 throughout your rehab stay, and you’ll have around-the-clock access to supportive, knowledgeable and professional staff members who understand what you’re going through and know just how to help you make your best recovery.

So the bottom line is that if your medical team feels that you can benefit from a stay in short term rehab, taking that recommendation is probably your best bet. Chances are that your accident recovery will be faster, more complete, and more comfortable if you do, which can only help in terms of reaching your primary goal during this time – getting back on your feet and back to your life just as soon as you possibly can.

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